We make HXB in the Netherlands

and only use the highest quality ingredients

We do everything to ensure our product is of the highest quality

We believe that we owe the best of the best to our customers. Which is why we do everything to ensure our product reaches the highest standards. We do this by sourcing everything locally. Further more we only work together with highly skilled manufacturers and packaging companies. Everything is done here in the Netherlands and according to highest level of quality assurance and regulation known worldwide.

Choosing the best ingredients

Not only do we want to make sure our product contains the right ingredients but also the absolute best. Which is why we only work with the best suppliers. All our suppliers have the highest regulatory standards.

“All 6 ingredients have been scientifically proven to help against migraines.

Our experienced manufacturers 

With HXB we have developed an unique and innovative supplement. Making such products requires tested manufacturing experience and thorough knowledge of the ingredients. We therefore collaborate with one of Europe’s most renowned and known supplement manufacturers. Only the best of the best for our customers.

“We work together with award winning manufacturers.

Premium packaging combined with thoughtful design

To finish we use top quality blister packaging so consumers can easily track the number of tablets they have taken each day. It also decreases possiblity the tablets are spoiled or damaged when traveling.

“HXB’s packaging makes it  super easy to track the number of tablets I have taken – Emma “