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Our frequently asked questions

Can I use HXB together with my medication?

Our supplement HXB has no influence on your medication. If you have doubts please consult your local doctor or pharmacist.

How long does it take for HXB to become fully effective?

We recommend using HXB at least 3 months before deciding if it works for you.

Where is HXB made?

HXB is made in the Netherlands. The ingredients and packaging are also sourced in the Netherlands.

Is HXB free from animal products and GMOs?

Yes, HXB is completely free of animal products and GMOs. It therefore fits vegetarian and vegan diets.

My urine has become more yellow since taking HXB, should I be worried?

HXB contains a high dosage of vitamin B2 and it is therefore normal that your urine is more yellow than usual. It is nothing to be worried about.

When should I take HXB?

It is important to build a routine around taking HXB. This can be either 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Or all 4 tablets once a day. Be consequent in taking the tablets at the same time every day.

May I break the tablets in halve or pulverize them?

Yes you can break or pulverize the tablets.

Why should I take 4 tablets of HXB each day?

This is the daily recommended dosage based on our research. Less than 4 tablets will not give the full benefits of HXB and is not been tested to work.

What if I forget to take HXB for a day or two?

Just continue with your normal routine. Never take more than the daily recommended dosage.